Part V


    Akashic Life Reading
AUGUST 18, 1995


   I was sitting quietly, contemplating my questions while Rev. Copeland began my reading with a prayer. My eyes were closed as I listened with tears of joy, for already I was seeing a beautiful vision.

   Rev. Copeland speaks:

   "There are beautiful wildflowers growing everywhere. All kinds and colors. It is like a little meadow has a little stream zigzagging its way down a gentle sloping hill. A pathway runs beside the stream. I can see the sky with fluffy white clouds floating everywhere. It is a beautiful blue sky with the sun now high in the sky. There is a gentle breeze that blows the flowers heads back and forth. There is an image. A figure coming down the pathway."

   (I was already seeing this and knowing who it was.)

   "It is the Blessed Virgin Mary who is coming down the pathway. She has on her white gown with a light blue robe over her shoulders and head. She comes down the pathway walking. Then she stops and steps to the right, through the flowers. She begins to pick beautiful pink roses. A beautiful magnificent bouquet of pink roses. She continues walking through the flowers and comes upon a beautiful white rock that glistens and shines in the sunlight.

   Now on that rock appears a golden flame. A flame like a candle flame that flickers only at the top. The flame is very bright and very fulfilling as it grows in size and intensity. Now it begins to soften and diminish. Ashlem is standing in that flame. He is wearing a beautiful white robe made of a simple broadcloth material with a large weave. Ashlem has been coming through quite often now with his robe of Simplicity.

   The flame goes out and Ashlem bows to the Blessed Virgin Mary, who stands gazing at Ashlem with a beautiful smile on her face. Ashlem steps from that white rock and greets Mary. Then they walk together in a circle around the white rock, walking through the flowers. Ashlem stops. He picks a tiny little white flower that looks something like a daisy, but the petals are closer together. It has a golden center to it. He holds it between his forefinger and his thumb as they walk chatting together. They come around full circle to the white rock and Ashlem then steps upon it. He sits in a lotus posture.

   Mary sits on the white rock. Mary begins to speak and Golden Words come forth and the words say:

   "Blessed art thee among women. Blessed is the fruit of thy womb. Blessed is the Life Force that is with thee at this time. The angels above are singing your praise of "Glory Alleluia" and the time has come forth to reckon the existence of thyself to the Higher Consciousness. I, Mary, come forth through your Garden of Life and I choose from your Valley of Life, your beautiful Love and I carry it with I. Remember ... I have proven to thee that I am with thee and that thee are blessed. 'Tho I may be busy soon into many different ways, remember ... I have not forsaken thee. Look within to the Force of the Christ Consciousness of Grace and let it be upon thee. Peace..."

   Ashlem smells his little white flower, holds it up, closes his eyes as if in Meditation. Now the flower begins to rapidly grow. It grows into a beautiful white rosebud. The white rosebud opens rapidly into its fullness. (Symbolic of Man.) He smells the white rose again, bows his head and wishes to speak thru. I give him my permission.

   Ashlem speaks:

   "The Blessed Virgin Mary has come to visit with thee. She has proven to thee that she never leaves thy side. Now I also am with thee, thru the Spirit. Now there are many questions I will answer for thee. Please begin."

   By this time, my tears are rolling down my face. My question was answered before I asked it. (End)

The Candle Flame and Mary

   The Unity candle symbolizes that which is being united. It is lighted by the two who wish to become one. That is why it is used at weddings. It is the Vow of Unity and the Flame of Devotion. It is to burn to its fullest before it diminishes. Just like life is to be lived to the fullest before it ends. Not really ending, but changed. The candle flame is the representation of the Light of Christ. The Light of Creation. Mary is standing tall in the Light of the Christ, showing us how to do the same. Acknowledge the Christ Light in everything, in everyone.

   On our candle, Mary bowed further and further into the flame, (Light) as it burned. When the candle reached its point of extinction, Mary folded into herself and formed an embryo, signifying new life. Rebirth. (The fetal position). Mary became one with the Light, becoming One with her Creator, the Flame which gave her Life, and she was reborn. (Symbolized in the embryo as the candle now shows.)

   How simple it is...the Mystery of Life, Death and New Life or Re-Birth. (Re-incarnation)


Going Within

   Going within means searching in your own mind and heart; finding the God within you... knowing who you are and being who you are. Everything has Polarity. Two sides. Negative and Positive, in and out, up and down, forward and back, etc. Man has a dual nature: Human and Divine. He just hasn't found it as of yet, because we didn't know it was within us all the time. We don't pay attention to our intuitive "Voice Within". We don't take time to "Be Still." "Be still and Know that I AM God."

   But a caution: One must at all times be aware of their own God Light of Protection. Your Christ Light. It is the heart of your soul! Find your own Truth within you. It is not a religion, but Faith, based on Truth. No one can give it to you. You have to find it. "Seek ye the Kingdom of God within and all else shall be given unto you."


Messages From Jesus and Mary for Mankind

   Mary has been giving her messages to people all over the world, but the world hears not; therefore she is now appearing more often and simultaneously in different parts of the earth. Her messages are more urgent than ever. Mary came January 21, 1996 in Arizona. She was wearing a pink gown with a white mantle on her head. She was reaching under her cape pulling out an endless supply of bread and throwing it to ducks swimming in a pond. (We have this duck pond across the street.)

   When the ducks are filled, Mary begins to speak and golden words come forth:

   "If one is sitting on the Rock of Truth and Purity, then there must be goodness all around. If one is promoting Universal Love, there must be beauty all around. If one walks upon their pathway of life and fears not the darkness because of the Love, then they may feed that which needs to be nourished; and from the heart of Being shall come the Light of Truth. I am with thee now and forever as I have stated to thee before. I shall continue to spread thy countenance here, before the waters of Time that thee may feed they who are hungry, with Love and Peace. Let the Wisdom in thy being come forth to the greater aspect of the Creator's Life. I stand in all reverence to thee."     (End of Mary's Message)

   For many years, Mary has come with messages, always to reassure us that her presence is always near. To give us Love and Peace. There is goodness in store for those who look for goodness. There is tragedy in store for those who look for tragedy, and movement for they who look for movement. Love for those who look for Love; Universal Love and Peace. Mary engraved her image in the wax Unity Candle as a symbol of Love and Peace and a reminder that she is always with us, has never left us and will never abandon us. The photograph of the Unity Candle of Mary is the motivation for the realization of Life and is to be spread but not worshipped. It is to show that Mary is present. Her Message through the Universe, to America, and to all other countries, is FREEDOM, PEACE, LOVE, HAPPINESS... especially for the children. To promote Love and Peace for the children. Promote Peace of the Heart, not peace of man battling each other, but peace in the heart! If one conquers the anger in the heart, will there not be Eternal Peace? This candle is Mary's symbol of Love and Peace. (Spirit of Ashlem)


April 13, 1996

   In the sky appears a beautiful pink light from a pinpoint. It expands to an oval shape, outwardly expanding and then it stops and an Image is forming in that pink light. It is the Blessed Virgin Mary! Mary is looking down. Mary has her hand on her heart. She has a beautiful white rose in her hand ... her other hand. Now the Light in the sky expands more. It becomes like a ... images are appearing on the perimeter of this oval shape. It is showing pictures of a flooding. It is showing pictures of the ground shaking. It is showing pictures of fire, and people running. Some people are kneeling and weeping. I can't hear any sound. Just the pictures. Now Mary expands...

   The image of Mary with the ground shaking. I have seen this vision in a dream state and...

   It is what is to occur upon the Earth Plane, but the confidence and the Love of Mary shall overcome and overshadow all of those. Those happenings will come forth and "they who believe in and through she and they who believeth in her Son Jesus, and they who believeth into the Christ, they shall be arisen (lifted) and overcome by the Light and not be injured."

   Yes .. I did see in this vision, myself running around picking up children and helping them. They were little children calling for their Mother during a time of disaster.



May 17, 1996

   From a pinpoint of golden Light expands four tongues of Light which form a four pointed star. The background is a deep indigo blue. It pulls away rapidly and stars appear. Constellations. The four pointed star is high in the sky. It twinkles. The sky changes to daylight slowly, as Light invades the darkness. There is a pathway of stone lined with high bushes. There are flowers on the bushes. There are statues that look Roman. This is the Garden of Artemius (I'm not sure of the name) in Golan.

   Two figures appear in white Light. The first one is Jesus, and the other is Mary, his Mother! Jesus shows himself as after the Crucifixion. His wrists...slight on his forehead are the scars of the thorns. He looks very elegant. Mary is magnificent! They turn towards each other and Jesus takes Mary's hands in His. They are not speaking. They just stare at each other. There is a carved stone bench which they sit upon still holding hands.

   Mary looks up at Jesus and asks him: "Is there any hope for Earth?"

   (I begin to weep at the remembrance of an article I wrote recently in which I asked this very question. I am realizing that Heaven hears our very thoughts.)

   A tear comes to Jesus' eyes as he speaks:

   "That which once was is no longer being. The Heavens shake and rumble at the onslaught of Man's negativity. The Creation is a shambles of Time. Beautiful Earth shall succumb to the vibrations. These things, when we were upon the Earth, we didn't truly understand either, but in to the Spirit, we now understand fully that Creation IS...constantly, and all things evolve. If Earth is to evolve to a higher status, it must first be cleansed. But the Father of Creation understands they who sin, for they know not what they do.

   They who Love are the Peers of Life and the Heart of Creation. All is forgiven for they who ask forgiveness. Let us dwell upon the Tine and Time coming forth, but let us not weep; but rather rejoice for the Greater authority of the Christ Consciousness....that all who may hear...understand that the Father lyeth within. The Peace is upon thee and judgment is with thee. Walk in the Garden of Life with Love."

   Jesus and Mary fade away and in their place appears a beautiful golden flame. The flame not only flickers at the top, but it seems to swirl as it grows in size and intensity. Then it stops and dissipates. The flame goes out. Seemingly this garden where Jesus and Mary stood, is the garden where they stood in the Period of Time when they were on the Earth in flesh. It was the Garden of the Roman who beseeched for Jesus and loved Jesus and Mary in that Period of Time. It was where Jesus and Mary held hands and had many conversations with each other. This is the proper place to stand and understand the Creative Force and the Experience that is necessary to fulfill the beast within Man. This is a summons in this Period of Time in order to answer that question: "Is there hope for the Earth?"

   We are blessed indeed that Jesus and Mary have come forth to be with us at this time. We also weep for the world and for Mankind. We will try to do all that we can do to open the hearts of Man, that they may see the Light and that those who are willing will come forth to aid in these last days of Earth. Mother Earth is very special to those of us who have been here Time and again. Will we see these changes in the Earth and come forth into the Golden Age of Peace?

   We have already witnessed many changes upon the Earth Plane and in prior times also. Earth is growing older. Look at the wrinkles upon its face. The Time of Existence is near. Will we see the Ending of this Time? Do we wish to see it? Or would we rather be lifted into Light? If we wish to be lifted in Light, then we need to pray for that experience that we have chosen. (Rapture, Upliftment, Ascension)

   This is a Period of Time to discover our Divinity. Our Oneness with our Creator, God. Death is part of Life, but nothing ever dies. It is born again into Christ Consciousness. Because of Man's great negativity, Time has been speeded up. Time to Rejoice!

   The Fire is within! We choose to make it Heaven or Hell!

(Man's Negativity in the World as a whole is now at 73%. In order to be balanced, the negative and
positive must be equal, 50/50. We are 23% over the balancing point in a negative attitude.)


Love is the Answer!! 


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