Part VI


    Dreams, Visions and Inspirations    

    Master Antonio    

September 22, 1995 - Laughlin,  Nevada - Sunday 5:50 a.m.

    I was half awake and half asleep, but I was very aware of two words printed in capital letters above my upper visual screen: "TEXACO CHIEF"  The words were surrounded by an aura of white light. I pondered the meaning of the words and reminisced... The only Texaco person I knew was my Dad, but he wasn't a Chief. He just had worked there for twenty-five years until his retirement.

    Slipping back into a deep sleep, I could see myself in an old house on a hill. I took a long wooden-handled tool, similar to a rake, and began to clean my yard of debris. A large round piece of junk came loose and rolled down the hill towards my neighbor's house across the street in my hometown of Joliet, Illinois. I wondered what they would say when they discovered it. "Oh, well. It's their junk anyway,"  I thought.  (This is symbolic.)

    Inside of my old house, I could hear a telephone ringing, so I ran into the kitchen and picked it up. It was an old fashioned  wooden box type wall phone.

    "Hello?" I asked.

    "Hi, Rene, how are you?" my Dad responded.

    "Just fine," I answered. "A little tired, but just fine."

    "That's good," Dad said.

    "Dad, is that you?"  The connection was a bit distorted at times and I had to make some adjustments.

    "Yeah. I'm just checking up on you and I want to tell you that I'm moving into a small apartment. I'm not in my  house  anymore,"  Dad said in his familiar matter-of-fact  way.

    I walked around a little, pulling the telephone cord with me... "I can't hear you very clearly Dad. Let me make some adjustments to your radio. It must be off the station."  (I could hear a buzzing noise,  like static.)

    "O.K.,"  Dad responded patiently.

    Walking into another room that was empty, I tuned the radio to the proper frequency band on a certain station and lowered the music to a soft melody. The old time radio was on a small  antique wall table. Then I noticed that this room in my house had old bare hardwood floors. Looking up thru a large square picture window in front of me, I noticed a tall, rather thin, older woman walking by. She glanced up at me momentarily and kept walking with her head down. She was wearing light-colored clothing, slacks and a blouse with short sleeves. Her hair was salt and pepper colored. My thoughts were that I didn't know her so I went on with my conversation with Dad.

    "Dad, can you hear me?" I asked.

    "Yeah. That's better," he replied.

    "Where did you say you moved to?"  I inquired.

    "A small apartment. I put some money down on it and..."  ( I couldn't hear him again because of more static. He said he either bought it or rented it, I'm not sure.)

    "I can't hear you Dad. Let me shut my radio off and turn up the  hearing aid volume on the telephone." (I adjusted my hearing aids.)  "Now say that again?" I prompted.

    "Remember Mr. ....? I moved into his apartment," Dad continued.  "I feel much better here."  (I lost recall of that name as I wrote this.)

    "Oh. Well I'm glad to hear that. What's all that crying and carrying on in the background Dad?"  (There was a woman's voice wailing, screaming and crying out.)

    "It's Julie, honey. She's going to die and she is very frightened. I want you to go to her. She needs you."

    "O.K., Dad, I will." I spoke in a nonchalant way.

    "Now I mean it. It's important , honey. She can't handle it."  Dad repeated very emphatically.

    I was still hearing Julie's cries and laments in the background behind Dad's voice.

    Suddenly, I felt lots of electrical impulses in the back and top of my head, resonating in two vertical columns of energy up and down my spinal column... The strong realization came that I was talking to my Dad in a strange setting, and I am fully awake and aware, sitting up in my bed.

    "Dad ! Am I really talking to you?  Is this really you Dad?"  (I am remembering that my Father is  'dead.'  He passed away on November 30, 1994, at the young age of eighty eight years. He was very young for his age.)

    Dad's words came at me very clearly and very precisely: "It is me honey, and yes, you are really talking to me and I'm really talking to you.  Now... don't forget about my friend Julie! he added sharply.  My emotions began to well up inside of me and I felt like a bubble ready to burst. I wanted to be sure.

    "But Dad... you died almost a year ago, how can you be calling me on the telephone in a dream-vision?  Is this really you Dad?"  I blurted out.

    "Yeah!  Honey, you know it is !  I got to go now.  Remember Julie..." he repeated.

    "It is really you, Dad!  I love you! I love you!"  I sobbed with a flood of tears streaming down my face. I sobbed and I sobbed. I sobbed with love and with joy and with ecstasy as I jumped out of bed and searched for a paper and pencil to record this amazing telepathic dream-vision connection with the "Texaco Chief."  My Father,  Master Antonio.  (It is 6:30 a.m.)

The Next Day

    Being so moved by this miraculous event, I looked through my Dad's old notes and business cards until I found Julie's name and number. I called and told her that my father had come to me in a dream-vision and asked me to go see her. I did not give her the details, only that Dad wanted us to meet each other. How happy she was to hear from much so that she insisted that my husband and I come to visit right away. She gave me the directions and we left within an hour and a half. Inwardly, I felt that something very special was going to be made known to me. I mentioned this to my husband and told him I thought she might be the woman I saw in the window of my dream-vision.

    Upon our arrival, I said a prayer in my mind and asked Dad to be with us in Spirit. At my first knock, the door opened wide and I became speechless. We were looking at the woman who had walked past the window in my dream-vision. It was she!  My husband and I looked at each other knowingly.

    After much hugging and all of us trying to talk at once, we settled into a tour of the house and conversation about her old times with my Dad. Julie told me that they had known each other for twenty five years and were dancing partners. She also told me that she had met me at a dance eleven years earlier. I remembered being there with Dad, but he had introduced me to so many people that I did not remember her. My husband and I took Julie to lunch and talked and laughed endlessly. She was so much fun. No wonder Dad loved her.

    When we returned to her house, Julie presented me with a beautifully wrapped belated wedding present of kitchen linens. They were a perfect match for our kitchen. The wrappings were of white doves and pink and dusty-rose colored roses, which were our wedding colors and decor. It was very touching, as she had no idea of my wedding theme.

    As we hugged each other, Julie said she could feel my Dad's presence in the house and that he was very pleased we had gotten together. We reminisced about Dad's illness, and she told us that she would not ever want to go thru anything like that. (Cancer) We promised prayers for each other and parted, knowing that we would remain good friends and call each other from time to time, as well as get together occasionally for lunch.

    A few months passed with an occasional letter, card, or call to each other. The 1995 holidays were busy, and bouts with flu kept everyone at home. Time seemed to get away, and we did not connect for awhile. I wondered if Dad had been wrong about Julie. A message on my answering machine left me worried. Julie wanted to hear from us. She sounded very weak. When I returned her call, she told us she had gone to a doctor to have a small lump on her upper chest examined. She had been admitted into the hospital and had it removed immediately, just to be on the safe side. She was awaiting the results and assured us that it was not cancer.We offered her our prayers. She was grateful and asked us to continue them.

    Again, I wondered about my Dad's visit to me in the vision. Dad's words came back to me: "Julie is going to die and she can't handle it. I want you to go to her. She needs you."  I tried to erase the words from my mind, but they remained and would surface from time to time.

    On Friday, January 11, we came home to find yet another message on our answering machine. Julie's voice was almost hysterical. She was going back for another operation. The doctor finally had given her the news that she had cancer and it was spreading quickly. When I returned her call, we talked at length  about life and death. Julie's attitude began to change to a more positive one. She asked us to continue our prayers for her, and we guaranteed this.

    Following the surgery, Julie said the cancer had spread throughout her body and that she had a caretaker at home now. She wanted all the morphine she could get to ease the pain, because she said, "I can't handle it!"  She just wanted to go to sleep and not wake up. She wanted no visitors because she said she did not look like herself. I assured her that I was not interested in how she looked, for I knew the beauty in her heart. She agreed that once she was moved into a care facility,  I could come and visit her. She told me to come on June 14, when she would be settled in.

    Time slipped away. Suddenly, I realized it was past June 14. How could I have forgotten? Frantically, I looked for the new telephone number she had given me. A voice on the other end asked if I was related to Julie. I said I was not, but that she and my Dad had been friends for twenty five years and we had become friends thru my Dad.  I was asked to wait... I was so happy I was going to speak to Julie. I would apologize for being late to call. I just knew the lady went to get Julie and hers would be the next voice I hear.

    A voice on the line suddenly interrupted my thoughts. "I am the Supervisor. Julie never made it here. She did not get to move in. She died on JUNE 14th."

    Slowly, the words penetrated my mind. I thanked her and hung up. Dad's words came back to me.  I prayed for Julie.

A  Few Months Later

    There was no memorial service. The telephone was disconnected, Julie's house had been sold, and there was not way of contacting anyone. I often wondered what happened to Julie's family. I remembered her saying she had not been in touch with them for many years.  I drifted off to sleep one night, pondering these thoughts. A sudden movement of my bed startled me awake. Seeing nothing, I closed my eyes and found myself again in a dream-vision. I was now in a quaint little house, standing in a small room. The house was rolling backwards downhill along a winding sandy pathway that had bright yellow flowers on both sides.

    Suddenly the little house stopped rolling and the front door opened. There was a beautiful endless field of yellow flowers visible thru the doorway. My Dad stepped in, looking very young and handsome! Excitedly, I exclaimed, "Oh, hi Dad!"

    He answered with a bigger than life smile, "Hi."

    "What are you doing here?" I asked.

    Dad's eyes widened as he looked past me and stepped forward. The back door had opened behind me and a tall, beautiful, stately woman stepped up alongside Dad. His countenance lit up like a candle. I spoke, "Oh Dad, don't you wish you could be married to her now?"

    "Yeah,"  he grinned.

    Dad reached out to her, and as Julie and Dad embraced each other the whole room became bathed in a mass of extraordinary vibrating golden white light,  enveloping all of us. It encircled them very brightly, and I also was encompassed in the beauty and mutual Love brought forth in this wondrous moment! Then Julie smiled and stated: "We have to go now."

    I felt the vibrations speeding up again as the scene dissipated. Lying awake in bed, I smiled knowingly. Dad and Julie had met on the Other Side of Life - on another level of living - in one of The Father's Many Mansions... and I was there to witness it!  Blessed be Father/Mother God, Julia Tretinik and My Father, Anthony S. Altiery!

My Dad expired on November 30, 1994

My Dad appeared to me in a vision September 22, 1995 and told me about Julie

I met Julie on September 23,  1995

Julie expired on June 14, 1996, ten months after my vision with Dad

Written In Loving Memory of Julia and Anthony
by the Daugh
ter of 
"Texaco Chief", Master Antonio. 

    Lourene S. Altiery (daughter) and Anthony Altiery    
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