Part III

Marie Aliyette


A Tribute To A Dear Friend Continued

   Suddenly a long black shiny Cadillac Limousine pulled up to the side walk and we embraced once more and said our good-byes. The child got in first and Marie followed. As the Limo pulled away, I awoke with a start and a very happy heart....

I write this with much love in my heart and respect for a dear and wonderful friend, Marie. In my heart I know that she is at peace and radiates love to all those who were in her life, caring and sharing with her. The memory of this dream-vision will never fade. It is imprinted indelibly on my memory bank. Marie asks all for forgiveness and to love one another like you have never loved before. All have her love and forgiveness also and it is infinite. I'll see you in my dreams, again, Marie..... With Love, Rene

A Beautiful Happening

   Some time passed and I wondered if there would be a memorial service for Marie. It was a while before it came to pass, because with the suddenness of this happening, the great shock wave was taking hold and much readjustment was needed. The notice finally came when Marie's husband returned from his long stay away from their now 'silent' home. At the outdoor garden memorial service, I felt my friend's presence very strongly. I thought I was beyond the weeping stages as I understand that life continues beyond what we call 'death'. I missed the fun and laughter of my friend and as I reminisced in my thoughts, a very cold breeze swept over me and I shivered.

   Suddenly one of Marie's daughters began to cry loudly and another cold breeze swept over me. Then I lost control. We were invited to go to the house afterwards and I dreaded going in and not seeing that familiar Italian face with big dark eyes and a bigger than life smile.   I asked one of the daughters if I could see the wedding pictures that Marie didn't have time to show me. It was then that I related the "dream-vision" I had. The daughter turned to a wedding photo, and there it was!

   Marie and the little girl. Both in long gowns.  My exact dream vision was there in that photo! The little girl was a grandchild. My eyes flooded with tears. We all began hugging each other as I related stories of our friendship which the girls were so eager to hear. I was sitting between Marie's two daughters.  Marie's  husband and mine were off to the side talking.

 And Then It Happened!

   A most beautiful radiant white gold Light in the form of a letter "C" appeared!  It resembled a crown. It began in size at about 18 inches tall and as it grew in size, it danced and vibrated in brilliant Light. I stood up, taking a few steps forward and the girls followed me as I told them that their mother is present in the Radiant Light of God. She was enjoying our stories and joys of remembering her and her love. They were amazed and believed even though they could not see her. They did however, state that they could feel her presence. We basked in this Love and Light for some time. Then we got up to leave. Upon so doing, the beautiful Radiance came out the door with us and just as we, (my husband and I) got into our car, the Light diminished. I told them that the Radiant Light was coming with us outside. (I had wondered if it would disappear in the Sunlight.) It did not. It was as radiant outdoors as it was indoors! We had all prayed together and thanked God, Jesus and Mary, for the visitation of Light and Marie's presence while in the house. We blessed Marie and thanked her also. Everyone went their separate ways with more love in their hearts than when they came.

   This was the second time I personally, had witnessed such a blessing of Light. The Light had edges like that of a crown. Pointed edges. The "C" Radiance was about 3 to 4 inches wide and about 18 inches high to start and grew in size and intensity (about 9 feet high) before it dissipated.

   Praise God in His wonders and His works. Praise God from Whom all Blessings flow!!   I asked one of my Guides about this awesome Presence. When he asked who I thought it was, I said, "Jesus." He told me that this Light is called "Sananda". Sananda is the dual Vibration of Jesus and Mary. They are the same soul!  They brought Marie to us!

Lourene S. Altieri Jurkovic

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