Part II



A Tribute To A Dear Friend Continued

      Next day I called Rose for Marie's daughter's phone number in Pennsylvania. I asked Dave what happened and he told me that it shouldn't have happened. He told me it was heart surgery that failed. We talked awhile and he said he'd be back on the 15th and had to answer other incoming calls so we disconnected.

   A few days later, at approximately 6:00a.m.,
I was awakened by a feeling of a presence over my bed. I jumped up and naturally headed for the bathroom, feeling the presence even stronger. Getting back into bed, the impression came that I was about to receive a message. My eyes felt heavy and as I closed them, I saw a newly constructed double house; like a duplex.

   They were not side by side, but front to back, connected by a hallway. I saw myself looking over this new construction and walked into a bathroom in the front part. There were no walls, but there was a brand new bathtub in the bathroom. I saw a white face cloth and
white bar of Dove soap. I picked up the cloth with the intentions of washing my face and realized there was no water yet. I could see behind the tub. There was a crawl space under the floor.   I walked back into the hall where I could see the second half of this new structure and I saw a living room newly furnished and a bedroom further back. There was a married couple sleeping. I realized I was in someone else's living quarters, so I went back to the bathroom. Suddenly the couple came in there. She was wearing a white turtleneck long sleeve tee shirt and light colored blue jeans. He was wearing dark trousers and no shirt. Bare chest. He came in last and saw that there was a need for water. He asked his wife to get him a tool. She brought it to him and he reached beside the tub down into that empty space and cut a u shaped pipe with a crossbar toward the bottom connecting the copper tubing. He gave it to me saying, Be sure you ask the Master plumber to fix my plumbing for me." I agreed to do this. His wife then said, "There is someone here to see you."

She pointed to the hallway.
I walked over to my friend Marie who was standing there with a little girl of about 3 or 4 years of age! They were both beautifully radiant. Marie and I wrapped our arms around each other and cried with joy. "Oh Marie, you look so beautiful!"    I cried. I laid my head on her right shoulder and we cried together even more. Then I realized my tears were getting the shoulder of her long gown wet . I apologized as we looked lovingly into each others eyes. "You look so beautiful. Where are you going?" I asked her. "To a wedding." She replied. The little girl was also wearing a long gown. Their gowns were rather plain but elegant. Simple but beautiful. They both wore a ring of flowers around their head on top, flat.

   One of them was wearing a pink gown and the other gown was yellow. I can't remember who wore which. I also was wearing a gown of the same kind. The child never spoke but stayed constantly at Marie's side. It was obvious there was much love between them. Every step Marie took, the child was at her side.
We talked about love and forgiveness and other things including how happy we were to see each other. Then she told me they had to go and she asked me to walk outside with them. We crossed a street and stood at an intersection talking and embracing once more. I told her to remember when she got to the wedding to ask everyone for their forgiveness for anything and everything and tell them that she also forgives them for anything and everything that ever happened, but most of all to show them Love. "Tell them how much you love them" I said. "I will," Marie answered.

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